Irate Caller Threatens To “Burn House Down” Over Tory Manifesto

18 May 2017, 17:47 | Updated: 18 May 2017, 18:03

Meet Elizabeth, she just had to talk to Iain Dale to vent about the Theresa May and the Conservative’s manifesto.

Describing herself as a usual Tory voter, Elizabeth said she had been left so irate by “Saint Theresa” she’d switched her postal vote to Labour.

The furious LBC caller was speaking after Mrs May announced the Tories would include the value of homes in the calculation of assets for home care as well as residential care.

The idea left Elizabeth seething as in a passionate rant she thundered: “With all the money we have at our disposal, we’re going to spend the lot and have a ball.

“Because all our lives we’ve supported this country and done what’s best for the greater good - not after today.

And then came the killer line: “I will burn my house down before I give Theresa May a penny of it, that’s how I feel tonight.”

Iain admitted he could tell Elizabeth felt “very, very angry”, watch the video above and see if you get that impression too!