The LBC Caller Who Wants EU’s Donald Tusk Reported For A Hate Crime

7 February 2019, 14:38

An LBC caller says Donald Tusk should be reported for a hate crime following his “hell” jibe, leaving Iain Dale lost for words.

Peter in Eastbourne said the European Council president was “treading on very dangerous territory” with his remarks on Wednesday.

Mr Tusk has faced fierce criticism after saying there was a “special place in hell” for those who campaigned to leave the EU with no plan of how to implement it.

The incendiary remarks were then followed up by the EU’s Guy Verhofstadt who said leading Brexiteers would “even manage to divide hell”.

An LBC caller says he wants Donald Tusk reported for a hate crime
An LBC caller says he wants Donald Tusk reported for a hate crime. Picture: LBC/PA

And in an LBC call which became even more bizarre as it went on, Peter said: “If I was non-white, non-Christian and living in the north of England I would report [Donald Tusk] for a hate crime on the grounds of a religious, racist insult.”

“Really?” Iain replied. “What was racist about it?”

The caller continued: “Think about some parts of Bradford, think about the discussions of hell that go on from the Imams and some of the Mosques.

“He is treading on very dangerous territory.

“There are large numbers of people in the north of England who are not white and Muslim who voted Leave would resent his comments quite seriously.”

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