Ex Corbyn Advisor Says Farron Credibility Will Be “Shot To Pieces”

20 April 2017, 16:28 | Updated: 20 April 2017, 16:52

Matt Zarb Cousins, the former media advisor to Jeremy Corbyn, told Iain Dale the Lib Dems will suffer as the spotlight is turned on them.

The Liberal Democrats and Tim Farron have projected a great optimism about their chances in the coming election, positioning themselves as the party for Remain voters. But Jeremy Corbyn's former advisor predicts this honeymoon period will be short lived..

Matt Zarb Cousins told Iain Dale: "Tim Farron has managed to ride on this wave of anti Brexit sentiment but he hasn't come under much scrutiny."

"I think this election campaign will put the spotlight on him, his credibility is going to be shot to pieces."

The former media advisor to the labour leader also claimed "We don't want to have another referendum, we accept the result of the referendum, we will be leaving the European Union and now the task for the government, whoever that is after the election, is to get the best possible deal they can for Britain."