Coronavirus: NHS nurse left seething after spotting social distancing rules being ignored

28 March 2020, 10:38

By Seán Hickey

This cancer nurse told of her horror after seeing people in a kebab shop ignoring social distancing guidelines, along with police officers.

Sarah called Iain Dale to tell him "the sheer impact Covid is having on other patients' treatment". As a cancer nurse, she could see first hand how services are leaving her wards and heading to the coronavirus frontline.

Sarah's fury began as disappointment. She was upset by the fact that there are many in society simply ignoring the government advice.

"It's very disheartening to see other people that don't seem to have any care whatsoever" the cancer nurse said. Sarah then proceeded to tell Iain of her horror story of people not practicing social distancing, including police officers.

Sarah told Iain upon her journey home from work one night, she witnessed people "literally heaving" in a kebab shop on Camberwell High Street "waiting to buy food". Sarah told Iain that her initial shock turned to anger when she saw a police van parked next to the shop with no action being taken.

Sarah saw people ignoring social distancing rules
Sarah saw people ignoring social distancing rules. Picture: PA

"I parked my car to find out what was going on there" Sarah told Iain, describing her altercation with police officers in the queue at the kebab shop. The first thing they said to her was to ask if she wanted to order.

Incensed, Sarah told Iain that she questioned the officers and why they weren't enforcing social distancing rules in the kebab shop.

"I wish i had videotaped it" Sarah told Iain after she claimed the officers sneered at her after her concern.

Sarah told Iain that she lost it with the police officers, telling them that they have "no idea whatsoever" what people have been going through in hospital while in public, rules are being ignored and disregarded.