'You've just told a lie' - Iain Dale challenges a Covid-sceptic anti-vaxxer

5 November 2020, 20:58

EJ Ward

By EJ Ward

This is the moment Iain Dale challenges a Covid-sceptic anti-vaxxer who called in to claim coronavirus was not a pandemic but mainstream media hype.

Karen from Epsom called in to discuss the coronavirus pandemic, but the call led to LBC presenter Iain Dale challenging her on her views.

Admitting "there is a virus out there," Karen said "it is a flu virus," calming the "mainstream media always call it a pandemic killer."

Iain Dale challenged the caller and pointed out it was called a "pandemic" because "a pandemic is something that affects multiple countries, so it is a pandemic."

But Karen wasn't going to agree with that questioning "is it a killer pandemic?" Then answering her own question she claimed it was "not a killer pandemic at all."

But Iain had to intervene and he told the caller "it is a killer pandemic, we've had 50,000 deaths, I think that qualifies as a killer pandemic."

The caller then claimed she was "hearing of people dying of cancer and they're still having Covid put on the death certificate."

Iain immediately challenged Karen and told her what she had said was "just not true, you've just told a lie."

"No I haven't," she shot back.

This led to Iain explaining how the process actually worked.

But that wasn't enough for Karen who said she worked within the NHS but "left because I didn't want to be part of this."

later during the call, Karen admitted she worked for the health service in an administrative, not medical, capacity.

Iain's co-host Denise Headley asked Karen if she thought coronavirus was a pandemic, which led the caller into another rant about the "mainstream media."

Later in the call Denise asked the caller if she would consider taking a Covid vaccination if it was offered and the caller was quick to say "absolutely not."

Citing the one time she took the flu vaccine the caller claimed the Government might be using some kind of recycled vaccine.

Karen then claimed when she took the flu vaccine it was the only year she was ill.

Watch the whole call in the video at the top of the page.