David Starkey Triggers On-Air Row After Calling LBC Guest “Pig-Ignorant”

17 April 2019, 20:58

David Starkey sparked an on-air row after branding a member of the Women’s Equality party “pig-ignorant”.

The Historian clashed with Hannah Peaker over climate change protesters who brought parts of London to a standstill for the third day running.

The Met Police said more than 340 people had been arrested, with the Extinction Rebellion group threatening disruption for days to come.

In Wednesday’s edition of Cross Question, tensions flared when Ms Peaker argued: “Capitalism thrives on the exploitation of our environment and women”.

David Starkey and Hannah Peaker clashed on Wednesday night
David Starkey and Hannah Peaker clashed on Wednesday night. Picture: LBC

Her remarks appeared to infuriate Mr Starkey, who instantly retorted: “Rubbish!

“You are so pig-ignorant or sow-ignorant, let's get the gender right.

“Capitalism has liberated women. It’s got women out of the home. It’s got women jobs. It’s given women access to the professions. It has liberated and freed them.

“How on earth can you be just so stupid?”

Undeterred, Ms Peaker hit back: “It’s ok to recognise the contributions capitalism has made to women’s equality while recognising ways in which it relies in the exploitation of them.”

Watch the clash above.