Deportation: caller tells Iain Dale about his shocking Home Office experience

11 February 2020, 13:42 | Updated: 11 February 2020, 13:46

This caller tells Iain Dale about his shocking experience with the Home Office. Despite living here for 20 years the Home Office won't give him leave to remain because he doesn't they say he "isn't in his children's lives" which is entirely untrue.

Tony from Crystal Palace came to England 20 years ago and has teenage two children but he still hasn't been granted leave to remain. So far it has cost him over £12,000 in applications and solicitor fees.

"All I've been getting is two and a half years, two and a half years, two and a half years," he said, "I've committed no crime, I haven't been to prison."

Tony said the reason the government has given is that he "isn't in his children's lives", a fact which he learnt from his solicitor. So he brought everything to the Home Office to prove he is present for his children and is still waiting.

"I've lived here for over 20 years and it's not fair," Tony said, assuring he pays all his taxes and works hard.

Iain asked what the caller's solicitor advised and he responded that the solicitor deals with his application and is currently applying on his behalf for ten years to remain in the UK. Before the leave to remain is granted, staying here is will cost Tony £18,000.

Iain branded it unfair and was shocked about the amount it has cost.