'Does he really think GPs don't want to see patients?': GP takes aim at Sajid Javid

14 October 2021, 21:41

By Sam Sholli

This is the moment GP Bushra Khawaja took aim at Health Secretary Sajid Javid, in response to his plan to increase the number of face-to-face appointments with GPs.

Sajid Javid today said the Government and NHS England had published a plan "to help GPs increase face to face appointments so patients can see their GP in person if they want to, no matter where they live".

The Health Secretary has said the plan includes a £250 million investment "to increase access to GPs this winter".

The British Medical Association has said: "With today's 'rescue package' the Health Secretary has demonstrated how out of touch he is with the reality on the ground; he will be judged on this package of support and when it fails, it will be his failure."

Speaking of Sajid Javid following his unveiling of the plan, Dr Khawaja told LBC's Iain Dale: "I mean honestly, does he really think that GPs don't want to see patients?

"That's not the truth at all."