Dominic Raab Tells LBC It's "Not True" He Is Keen On Proroguing Parliament

17 June 2019, 20:35

Conservative leadership hopeful Dominic Raab told LBC that he has never discussed proroguing Parliament, he simply hasn't ruled it out.

During a one hour grilling from Iain Dale and LBC listeners, leadership hopeful Dominic Raab said it was "not true" he was keen on proroguing Parliament.

He told Iain Dale that he thought it was "highly unlikely to be necessary" to be used.

"When you take things off the table," Mr Raab said, "you weaken your own hand. You strengthen the other side."

When Iain said "surely the whole point of Brexit was to bring sovereignty back to Parliament," Mr Raab said that Parliament was "siding with the establishment against the people."

Mr Raab said that the interesting thing was that he's never talked about, simply "refused to rule it out."

Telling Iain Dale that proroguing Parliament was a "central plank" in Rory Stewart's plans.

Mr Raab said he thought the most important thing was not undermining your own "negotiating leverage," if you wanted to go back to the EU and "make a best final offer."

Watch the exchange above, or what the whole hour long interview here.