Iain Dale dismisses caller for 'spreading fake news' about patented viruses

6 May 2021, 21:21

Iain Dale cuts off caller 'talking rubbish' about patented viruses

EJ Ward

By EJ Ward

This is the moment Iain Dale cuts off a caller who has been 'spreading fake news' about patented viruses.

During a debate over vaccine hesitancy in the BAME community, one caller ended up getting cut off.

Chris from Stratford had claimed that the Ebola virus had been patented.

But, LBC presenter Iain Dale was quick to clarify the situation.

Iain checked with the independent fact-checking service Full Fact while the caller was making the claims and was swift to point out he was wrong.

Registered charity Full Fact debunked the claims after post on Facebook seems to claim that a number of viruses have been patented.

"You've just said something there which is absolutely untrue," Iain told the caller.

But the caller tried to continue making claims.

"You're giving an untrue example, you're spreading fake news," Iain told the caller.

This led to the caller telling Iain, "this is not fake, you can always go and look for it yourself."

"Well, I just did," Iain pointed out, again telling the caller he had checked with Full Fact.

And again Chris tried to claim Ebola was patented.

Iain was not happy with this, explaining why Full Fact is an organisation that have disproved the claims he tells the caller he is "going to end the conversation there."

Just as he moves on to the next caller you can hear Chris slamming down his phone.