Emotional caller sheds tears over 'idiots' doubting 'beautiful' vaccine

2 December 2020, 23:13 | Updated: 3 December 2020, 11:19

Nick Hardinges

By Nick Hardinges

This tearful caller wept in exasperation at "idiots" who try to undermine the "beautiful" Pfizer vaccine.

Iain from Galloway, who works in a care home and has seen a number of people die from Covid-19, told LBC's Iain Dale he "thinks it's beautiful" to see everyone "open up their arms" in welcoming Wednesday's vaccination news.

The tearful care worker struggled to contain his emotions while talking to the presenter, expressing frustration at those doubting the jab.

When asked what he thought of people who say there is a sinister explanation behind the vaccine, he said: "They're not seeing it for what it is.

Fighting back the tears, caller Iain said: "Those beautiful German people who worked on their wedding day. That's what everybody's done. Everybody.

"And then you get these idiots who are questioning it despite the scientists' best efforts."

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The caller told Iain he thought people were "idiots" for undermining the vaccine
The caller told Iain he thought people were "idiots" for undermining the vaccine. Picture: LBC

He referenced the fact that many researchers had worked tirelessly round the clock to get the vaccine to market.

"The scientists have worked 18 hours a day, they've given up their holidays, they have pushed beyond their limits because they know this is a crisis.

"And then people are questioning their work."

To those criticising the swiftness of the drug's approval, he explained that the exceptional circumstances of the pandemic allowed the process to be sped up.

"That's why it's been cleared quickly and people have to understand that," he concluded.

You can listen to the moving exchange in full at the top of the article.

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