EU Membership Better Than A Customs Union, Says Brexiteer Iain Dale

2 April 2019, 20:09 | Updated: 2 April 2019, 20:16

It is better to say in the EU than leave and join a Customs Union, Brexiteer Iain Dale said on Tuesday night.

The LBC presenter was left exasperated after Theresa May announced she was seeking a further extension to Article 50.

In a statement inside Downing Street, the Prime Minister also said she would work with Jeremy Corbyn in a bid break the Brexit deadlock.

"There are some who would like to leave with no deal, but leaving with a deal is the best option," she said.

"But we need an extension to Article 50 and we need to be clear what it is for."

The softening of her red lines could mean a much softer Brexit than the Prime Minister had originally proposed.

Iain Dale was left furious after Theresa May's Brexit statement
Iain Dale was left furious after Theresa May's Brexit statement. Picture: LBC

But, Iain issued a startling warning to those cheering on the prospect of joining a Customs Union.

He said: "If we decide to stay in a Customs Union Brexit is over, Brexit is dead.

"It would actually be better to stay in the European Union on current membership terms than join a Customs Union and a lot of people who seem to be in favour of a Customs Union seem to have no clue what it involves.

"It means if we stay in the Customs Union but outside the European Union they have total control.

"You could have the French decide to support a trade deal with let's say China which was totally against the interests of Britain and we could do nothing about it."