EU’s Michel Barnier Is Spreading Utter Lies About Britain: Iain Dale

7 September 2017, 17:51

The EU’s chief negotiator has been accused of spreading “straightforward, utter lies” about Britain’s stance on a Brexit divorce bill.

Iain Dale ripped into Michel Barnier after the Eurocrat accused the UK of “backtracking” on agreeing a Brexit financial settlement.

Speaking on Thursday as the EU published its latest position papers, Mr Barnier said he felt let down by the UK following the third round of negotiations.

Michel Barnier Iain Dale
Picture: PA/LBC

“It seems to be backtracking on the original commitment to honour its past commitments,” Mr Barnier said.

Iain, however, says the EU’s negotiator was talking “utter lies” because “Britain had done nothing of the sort”.

He thundered: “David Davis has pointed out legally we are not obliged to pay anything after the 19th March 2019.

“That’s what Michel Bariner doesn’t like because he knows we are right, because it is quite clear in Article 50.

“But what David Davis has said is morally and politically we will meet our obligations.”

Iain continued: “So why is it that the chief negotiator for the EU stands up at that press conference and utters a straightforward and utter lie.”