Ex-Lib Dem Member Tells Vince Cable: "Your Party Is No Longer Liberal Or Democratic"

3 April 2019, 13:31

A former Lib Dem member told Sir Vince Cable his party should change its name because its stance on Brexit means it’s no longer “liberal or democratic”.

Thomas from Worthing grilled the Lib Dem leader over his repeated calls for a second referendum between Theresa May’s deal and remaining in the EU.

He told Sir Vince his party’s pro-EU position was the “kind of behaviour you see in the banana republic”.

“You haven’t accepted the 2016 EU referendum result since day one,” Thomas said.

Sir Vince Cable took LBC listeners' calls on Wednesday
Sir Vince Cable took LBC listeners' calls on Wednesday. Picture: LBC

“You aren’t liberal and you aren't democratic, so how can you continue to call yourself that?”

Putting forward a defence, Sir Vince argued: “We are both, you obviously disagree with that.

“Since the 2016 referendum, we’ve had almost three years, we now have a much clearer view of what Brexit involves and what it doesn’t involve.

“We have a Brexit proposal from the government and we do want it put to the British people and I think that’s a democratic way of resolving the issue.”