Expert Predicts Britain Is Heading For The “Softest Of Soft Brexits”

13 June 2018, 18:31 | Updated: 13 June 2018, 18:33

A leading economist and commentator has torn into politicians for “refusing” to implement the will of the people over Brexit.

Andrew Lilico, Executive Director of Europe Economics warned the country was heading for the "softest of soft Brexits".

It’s after the government avoided defeated to its EU Withdrawal Bill after a last-minute deal saw off a Tory rebellion.

And although it’s still not exactly clear what concessions the Prime Minister made, Mr Lilico claimed it was not looking good for Brexiteers.

Andrew Lilico
Picture: LBC

Speaking to Iain Dale, he said: “This amendment is just the latest in a whole series of pressure… to move us ever closer to the softest of soft Brexits.

“This includes not only being in the Single Market, being in the Customs Union, accepting the ECJ judgments, accepting ongoing large payments of the EU, it'll include things like being in the European Arrest Warrant and the European Investigative Order.”

“I think that the British political system doesn't really have the will to implement Brexit, never wanted to do it and it isn't intending to do it now.”

Asked whether he backed calls for a so-called “People’s Vote” on the final Brexit deal, the economist replied: “We've had vote after vote there's no doubt about what the will of the people is on this question.

“It’s merely that politicians have refused to implement it and that will have consequences.”