Our Future Our Choice Campaigner Takes On Brexit Party MEP Over No-Deal

27 May 2019, 04:22 | Updated: 27 May 2019, 20:28

When Brexit Party MEP Ben Habib insisted the people had voted for Brexit for a third time, Co-founder of Our Future Our Choice Femi Oluwole fired back with some facts of his own.

Mr Oluwole insisted the big story of the campaign should be that more people voted for pro-People's vote parties than for parties advocating for a no-deal Brexit.

However, Ben Habib told him that voters have had many chances - the EU referendum, the 2017 General Election and this vote - and in each of them, they voted for Brexit.

That led Femi to dispel each of those claims: "More people voted for parties that opposed no-deal explicitly. I don't see how that's not the main thing.

"The idea that 80% of people voted for parties in 2017 that said they would pursue Brexit, that's a tyrannical point.

"We have a two-party system. Nigel Farage himself has criticised the two-party system and many people voted for Labour because they felt it was the only way to oppose Brexit.

"To use their votes to say everyone wants Brexit simply isn't fair. You could also say that in 2017, the majority of people voted for parties that opposed no-deal. There is no mandate for no-deal."

Femi Oluwole and Ben Habib had a fiery row over no-deal Brexit
Femi Oluwole and Ben Habib had a fiery row over no-deal Brexit. Picture: LBC

Mr Habib simply responded: "The Conservative Party manifesto, page 36. I suggest you look it up."

But Mr Oluwole pointed out: "They lost their majority in 2017. By definition, that's not the will of the people."