'Fifth columnists': Iain Dale blasts Stop the War Coalition over its UK criticism

17 February 2022, 20:01

By Tim Dodd

Iain Dale tore into the Stop the War Coalition after they accused the UK government of pouring "oil on the fire" through their handling of the Ukraine-Russia Crisis.

It comes as the anti-war campaign released a statement saying it "opposes any war over Ukraine, and believes the crisis should be settled on a basis which recognises the right of the Ukrainian people to self-determination and addresses Russia’s security concerns".

Today Russian-backed rebels were blamed for shelling a kindergarten in eastern Ukraine in a 'false flag attack', described by Boris Johnson as a "spurious provocation for Russian action".

Iain said: "We have people in this country who seem to think that Russia doesn't pose a threat to anybody, that it is our country that is posing a threat to Russia.

"They're called the Stop the War Coalition. They are fifth columnists, and I don't say that lightly."

Iain read the statement released today by the group which was "signed by all sorts of weird and wonderful left-wing MPs", pointing out "factually incorrect" elements.

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In their statement, the group said: "Our focus is on the policies of the British government which have poured oil on the fire throughout this episode. In taking this position we do not endorse the nature or conduct of either the Russian or Ukrainian regimes.

"The British government has talked up the threat of war continually, to the point where the Ukraine government has asked it to stop."

Iain continued: "Wouldn't it be nice if these people actually condemned Russian aggression, just for a change?"As I say, these people are fifth columnists. I won't go any further than that."

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