Former addict tells LBC his truly inspiring reason he's delighted to return to work

2 June 2020, 21:27

By Fiona Jones

Iain Dale is touched by this caller and former addict's inspiring reason he is excited to return to work after being furloughed.

Caller David from Portsmouth told Iain he was "delighted" to have a call this morning from his boss asking him if he could return to work tomorrow after being furloughed for a few months.

David told Iain he is recovering from a heroine addiction: "These last couple of months have been so testing and I cannot tell you how glad I am to be going back to work tomorrow.

"I know some people might think it's irresponsible but I'm of the mindset that we can blaze a trail, we can find a way through."

Iain asked: "Is part of the reason you want to get out of lockdown and go back to work because with nothing to do, the temptations are there, particularly if you've got money in your pocket?"

David agreed, "Yep, it's all around me. Since the streets were cleared... I can spot the addicts."

"Having work is a cornerstone of my life, it's my lighthouse, it makes me know that I'm on the right path."

David told Iain he had been sober for years, having finally got out of a life of crime after being in and out of jail. Before starting university, he had gone to prison for shoplifting trying to feed his addiction.

"I love all the things I have in my life, my mum, my sisters... to me work was a cornerstone of it," David said. The only thing lacking now, he told Iain, is the inability to meet for recovery groups.

Drugsline addiction helpline: 0808 1 606 606