Former Prisoner Tells Iain That Young People Need Longer Prison Sentences

3 May 2018, 21:17 | Updated: 3 May 2018, 21:21

A man who went to prison for three years aged 19, says if he had served less time in prison, he would have committed the same crime again.

During a discussion on what sentencing policy, a man told Iain Dale how he spent three years in prison from the age of 19.

Now 28, he speaks of how after leaving prison, he continued his education, started to work for one of the country's biggest construction companies and has started a family.

Iain in LBC studio
Picture: LBC

The caller said that his own story serves as an example younger people ought to get more time in prison.

"I'm sure if I had less time served in prison, I would have done it again. When the time is hefty, you won't do it again."

"I don't believe teenagers should get less time, if anything teenagers need to get more time," the caller said.