Furious caller tells Len McCluskey the Labour Party has 'become a cult'

24 November 2019, 13:51

A caller told Len McCluskey he "does not understand" why unite have endorsed Jeremy Corbyn and calls the party leader "toxic".

A called, Colin, told General Secretary of Unite the Union, Len McCluskey that "When the Union endorsed Corbyn it wasn't put to the members, and there's no way he would have got the vote."

He declared: "The man is toxic."

Unite is the largest affiliate and a major donor to the Labour Party.

Colin continued: "Jeremy Corbyn needs to get out and talk to people because he's just talking to his own circle.

Recall stories from his friends who canvas for the Labour Party, he said: "You ask people who canvas and the answer is always 'I can't vote for that bloke'.

"Every time he does a media interview the party loses thousands of votes. These people are serially incompetent."

Colin also damned the party as "a cult" under Corbyn.

Len McCluskey was confronted over Unite's endorsement of Jeremy Corbyn
Len McCluskey was confronted over Unite's endorsement of Jeremy Corbyn. Picture: LBC

Len McCluskey replied: "I have to completely disagree with you when you say the Labour Party has become a cult.

"The Labour Party is the biggest political party in Europe and the reason for this is Corbyn and his new style of politics, which attracted hundreds of thousands of new members, an awful lot of them young members.

"Two years ago Jeremy Corbyn took us within touching distance of power.

Presenter IainDale questions this however, saying "No you didn't you were 60 seats behind".

Len McCluskey comments: "This is a decent, genuine man who has policies that will change your life, change the lives of members and change the lives of ordinary people.

Colin furiously interjects with: "He's got no chance mate, why do you keep on with this guff?

"You're handing the next election to Johnson on a plate by leaving this man in place

"It's too late now, all we can do is limit the damage

Len McCluskey argues: "Well Colin, obviously I'm slightly more optimistic than you, I believe we can win this election.

Colin then retorts: "You need to look at reality mate."

Len McCluskey then repeats that Labour is the only party that can change the lives of ordinary people.

Colin hits back: "They would with a credible leader."