Gina Miller defends anti-Brexit tactical voting site to Iain Dale

10 November 2019, 13:51

Gina Miller, who has launched a tactical voting site called Remain United, outlined why her site works and would be effective in winning seats for anti-Brexit candidates in the General Election.

Remain United makes recommendations on how to vote for by using prediction methodology using regression-based methods.

Iain Dale asked the prominent anti-Brexit campaigner why there needs to be another tactical voting website.

Miller said: "I felt that with my team, we have access to some of the best experts and the best prediction tools. So by using that and launching it, we're hoping that we give people a more accurate recommendations but, obviously, the final choice will be up to individual voters."

Iain asked if it would just recommend voting Liberal Democrat.

Gina Miller defends anti-Brexit tactical voting site to Iain Dale
Gina Miller defends anti-Brexit tactical voting site to Iain Dale. Picture: PA

She replied: "We've put no manual overlays and no party biases on this. It is just the data and, at the moment, if there was technical voting in the numbers that we're finding - somewhere around 50% on the Remain side which is very high, much higher than we expected to find - and there was election tomorrow... Lib Dems would get 33 seats.

"Whereas, what we're saying is that if that tactical vote increased, there are about 50 seats that they would win. So very far short of becoming the next government or the next Prime Minister.

But this is all being driven by data and nothing else."

Iain later asked what the point of the website was.

Miller said: "It's to help people because, unfortunately, I'm sure you know that in the voting system we've got, in FPTP, it's not as representative as it would be if we did have a different system under electoral reform.

"So for those people, as I say it's as high as 50% of people who want to tactically vote, it's giving them the information. By the way, we are the only site that has published all the data.

So we are not hiding anything, all the methodology, all the data files, everything is in the public domain on the website so people can go in and interrogate it on their own."