Grace Campbell: Margaret Thatcher Did Nothing For Women

26 May 2019, 14:16

Writer and equality campaigner Grace Campbell told Iain Dale there is a problem with the Conservative Party believing they are supportive of women issues just because it had two female Prime Ministers.

Iain asked Grace which of the Tory leadership hopefuls stood out to her, but the writer said that none of the candidates filled her with much hope because "women issues aren't at the forefront" of any of them.

"I think there's a massive problem in the Conservative Party where they think because they've had two female Prime Ministers that they've achieved most of what's meant to be done in terms of equality," she said.

And in making her point, she referenced an interview with Conservative MP Mark Francois who told her the party had actually achieved 'lots of equality' because of Margaret Thatcher.

Former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher
Former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. Picture: Getty

But when Iain asked what was controversial about Mr Francois' remarks, Grace replied: "She did absolutely nothing for women.

"She did nothing to improve the rights of women in the wider society.

"I know it's great that people recognise us having a female Prime Minister and in that period of time was amazing but the fact is she didn't do anything for women."

"There's a problem in the Conservative Party that they think that because they had Margaret Thatcher all of their issues on women have gone and that is just not true.

"I do not think that women issues are at the forefront of any of the contenders that are there, they're not filling me with much hope."

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