Grieving Mother Opens Up About Suicide In Powerful Call To Iain Dale

18 December 2018, 22:59 | Updated: 18 December 2018, 23:00

Iain Dale receives an emotional call from a mother who has considered taking her own life after losing her own son to suicide.

Iain Dale was taking calls about the support available to people struggling with their mental health when a mother called in to talk about her son.

Jayne opened up about her son had taken his own life just 15 months ago.

"I'm not coping with it at all, I've had a break down over it and I've tried to take my life myself several times," she said.

"But the thing is I have a younger son, so I have to stay alive."

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But Jayne's difficulty goes beyond grieving for her son, as she described being in debt from his funeral and struggling to provide for her other son.

"I'm fighting with the benefits agents with my mental health to get some money, and I'm in debt with paying for his funeral," she said.

"I've planned my own suicide because I can't go on."

Iain asked: "But what about your other son?"

Janye replied: "I know, and that's why i'm still here. That's what I'm clinging on to at the moment.

"I feel sick with fear of what's going to happen to us.

"I'm so afraid of being made homeless and not being able to provide for my younger son.

"I'm worthless."

Iain's response filled listeners with hope, as he reminded Jayne that "no matter how bleak things look, there is always light at the end of what is a very dark tunnel".

Listen to the remarkable call and Iain's response in the video above.

- Iain Dale: “If This Helps One Suicidal Person, It'll Have Achieved Something Wonderful"