What Donald Trump DIDN'T Say About The Controversial Meeting With Harry Dunn's Family

1 November 2019, 12:36

A spokesman for Harry Dunn's family said Donald Trump missed out one key fact in his LBC interview from his description of the possible meeting with the US diplomat involved in his death.

The President met with the parents of the teenager, who was killed after a car driven by Anne Sacoolas hit the motorcycle he was riding.

Speaking to Nigel Farage, President Trump revealed that he hoped they could meet and "grieve together".

But Radd Seiger said the President missed out an important part of the circumstances around the meeting.

He told Iain Dale: "I need to clarify what happened with that horrible meeting in the White House.

"We were in Manhattan in New York City and then we were invited down to the White House. No mention was made of the driver Ms Sacoolas being in the next room.

"We went down in good faith, thinking there was going to be a resolution to the problem only to be taken totally by surprise when minutes into the meeting he announced that Ms Sacoolas was in the next room.

A spokesman for Harry Dunn's family revealed what Donald Trump missed out in his LBC interview
A spokesman for Harry Dunn's family revealed what Donald Trump missed out in his LBC interview. Picture: PA

"This was the woman who had just taken the life of the parents' son seven weeks earlier. Although we had said we would like to meet Ms Sacoolas as part of the justice process, that would be some months down the line in a controlled environment.

"The last place you'd do it is in the Oval Office with the world's media watching with vulnerable parents who were quite frankly terrified."

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