Heartbroken caller begs Brits to obey advice 2 hours after mother's death

28 March 2020, 16:33

By Seán Hickey

Cliff called Iain Dale two hours after his mother passed away from coronavirus to urge the public to take the advice seriously.

The emotional exchange came on the back of Iain asking how the public are practicing their religious faith while on lockdown, where a dejected Cliff came on to share his harrowing story.

Cliff told Iain that his mother had recently come back from a holiday abroad which her children discouraged her from going on.

He began the story by telling the public that people ignoring advice are a disgrace, calling it "an insult to doctors and nurses" for people to be dismissing the dangers of Covid-19

Cliff, who is self-isolating because he caught symptoms from his mum and cannot see his children as a result, was inconsolable by Iain while he shared his own ignorance around the disease, stating that he "didn't take it seriously two weeks ago."

While on the phone, Cliff told Iain that he had just received confirmation that he indeed is carrying coronavirus and will have to spend the next 14 days in his mother's home self-isolating.

Cliff shared his feelings of hopelessness as he told that he was self-employed and couldn't fathom a month ago that his life would be turned upside down in the space of a fortnight.

He pleaded with the public "please take this seriously" and claimed that those who don't pay heed to the official advice run the risk of ending up in his same situation.

You can listen to Cliff's full conversation with Iain above.