'He'll just ride roughshod over the rules': Caller slams Boris Johnson

6 January 2022, 21:38

By Sam Sholli

This is the moment an Iain Dale caller took aim at Boris Johnson, arguing "there's no integrity with the fella".

The criticism of Mr Johnson from LBC caller James in Chester comes after the Prime Minister has apologised to ministerial standards adviser Lord Geidt for a failure to provide messages between himself and a Tory peer on the subject of a controversial Downing Street flat refurbishment.

Former Chairman of the Committee on Standards in Public Sir Alistair Graham has told LBC the saga looks "very unhappy" as far as Boris Johnson is concerned,

Referring to the Prime Minister, James told LBC's Iain Dale: "There's no integrity with the fella...He'll just ride roughshod over the rules."

He also said: "I mean, how much more dishonesty do we have to take from our Prime Minister?"