'There is always money for war' - History teacher speaks about defence budget boost

20 November 2020, 06:55 | Updated: 20 November 2020, 06:57

EJ Ward

By EJ Ward

This history teacher tells LBC that education needs to be funded as well as defence or people won't be educated enough to join the military.

Following an announcement by Boris Johnson of a £16.5 billion boost in defence spending, Adam from the Wirral called in to tell Iain Dale and his co-host caller Denise Headley his view.

The caller said he was a history teacher and that politicians had always managed to find the money for war and defence.

This led to LBC's Iain Dale challenging the caller asking if he agreed that defence of the nation was the number one priority for any government, which Adam agreed with.

He told LBC that he sees children he works with attending foodbanks and that tragically an email had gone round the school asking which children teachers believed would not get Christmas presents.

Adam said if "we want people to go into our defence forces," then "we need to actually educate those people."

The teacher told Iain Dale and co-host caller Denise that he thought the "biggest disservice that we do is that we don't train those people."

He questioned why if money could be found to boost armed forces spending, why couldn't more cash be found for education.

The caller suggested that there were children growing up with "scurvy and malnutrition."

He questioned why when children were going to bed hungry when we can find money to build new drones.

"The next time I see that a Yemeni village has been blown up, I'll think thank God we funded that rather than children," Adam said.

This led to Iain challenging the caller over his comments, pointing out that this was incorrect.