Iain Clashes With Fiery Caller Over Thatcher And The North

3 February 2017, 18:10

Iain Clashes With Caller Over Thatcher

This caller phoned Iain Dale to say Thatcher's government were responsible for the 'demise of the north'. Iain wasn't having any of it.

Iain Dale was discussing George Osborne's comments that schools in the north need "urgent attention" when this caller who grew up in northern England phoned in.

The LBC Presenter and the caller were debating subsidised industries when the caller told Iain to "stop taking the Tory line". 

Things soon took a heated turn and the pair got caught up in a fiery exchange about Thatcher's government, with the caller claiming she was responsible for the 'demise of the north'. 

Iain disagreed.