Iain Dale brands Remainer caller "delusional" for blaming HS2 on Brexit

12 February 2020, 15:30

A Remainer called LBC to blame the controversial HS2 on Brexit

Following Boris Johnson giving the green light for the controversial HS2 project to go ahead, Iain Dale branded a caller "delusional" for believing Brexit was to blame.

The Prime Minister referred to HS2 as the "spine" of the transport network as he made his announcement in the Commons.

After making her opinion clear, Iain said: "By the way we aren't having a Brexit phone in Claire. We are talking about HS2. Would you like to get on the subject of HS2?"

Claire responded: "But what has happened, Brexit has extradited HS2 simply because Johnson has got to keep the red wall happy. These votes have only been borrowed."

Iain Dale brands caller "delusional"
Iain Dale brands caller "delusional". Picture: Global

Iain laughed and interjected: "Fantasy."

Finishing her point, she said: "Lent rather, he's borrowed them. They are lent. And as a result, we have HS2 extradited.

"Instead of talking about it for the next 10 years they are going to get it started. We have Huawei on our phones which I'm not too thrilled about, but HS2 is the result of the disastrous decisions."

Iain replied: "You are absolutely delusional. If you think that HS2 has anything to do with Brexit. You are mad."

Claire remained adamant about her point, saying: "We don't have to accept something that's going to be so disastrous for the country."

"You keep on fighting the good fight," Iain concluded.

The Prime Minister Makes Visit To The West Midlands
The Prime Minister Makes Visit To The West Midlands. Picture: Getty

Claire later admitted that she was happy HS2 would be coming into place but refused to praise the Prime Minister for it.

On Monday, the PM told the House of Commons that his Government had the "guts to take the decision" to deliver prosperity across the country.

Concerns have been raised by Conservative Party politicians over the costs of the project and worries over potential damage to the environment.Opposition parties have hit out at the move with Labour saying HS2 has been "appallingly mismanaged" by the Tories.

Mr Johnson has given the all clear for Phase 1 of the project between London and Birmingham, but has said more time is needed to assess the next phase which would connect further north to Manchester and Leeds.

The move means high-speed trains can also run further than the new lines, using existing tracks as far as Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Tory MPs in seats along the route south of Birmingham are among those who are angry over HS2's cost and impact on the environment.