Iain Dale Lays Into Cabinet For Going Along With Theresa May's Brexit Plan

22 May 2019, 08:34

This is Iain Dale's passionate response to Theresa May's "bold new offer" on Brexit.

The Prime Minister offered a vote on a second referendum and temporary membership of a customs union in an attempt to persuade Labour MPs to back her Withdrawal deal.

It doesn't seem to have worked, with Jeremy Corbyn labelling it "a rehash of what was discussed before", while ERG vice-chairman Mark Francois said the bill was "dead on arrival".

Iain Dale watched the statement and felt increasing anger for the Cabinet that agreed that deal.

Iain Dale laid into the Cabinet for going along with the PM's plan
Iain Dale laid into the Cabinet for going along with the PM's plan. Picture: LBC

Speaking on his LBC show, Iain said: "I listened to the Prime Minister's speech with a mounting sense of incredulity.

"What is it about our Prime Minister that she thinks she can get her Withdrawal Bill through the Commons by persuading other parties to support her.

"It is not going to happen.

"She's come up with a 10-point plan that might as well have been called A Horlicks Of A Dog's Breakfast. It is ridiculous.

"And how is it that her Cabinet can go along with it? There were apparently heated exchanges in the Cabinet. Chris Grayling and Andrea Leadsom were apparently on the verge of walking out. But of course they didn't walk out, did they, because they want to stay in the Cabinet.

"This is the most supine Cabinet I have ever come across covering politics for 30 years.

"What is the point of a Cabinet if they just let a Prime Minister do this sort of thing when they know that it can't work?

"This Withdrawal Bill will not pass its second reading in the House of Commons. If it does, it will be a miracle. Jeremy Corbyn is not going to support it, the Liberal Democrats, the SNP, the DUP, they've all made it clear that they are not going to support it.

"She must have known that, so what was the point of it?

"What she's done now is effectively hand Boris Johnson the Tory leadership on a plate."