Iain Dale challenges Covid anti-vaxxer who has 'never taken medication'

25 January 2021, 20:51

Iain Dale challenges Covid anti-vaxxer who has never taken medication

By Fiona Jones

Iain Dale challenges this Covid anti-vaxxer who claimed he never has, and never would, take any kind of medication.

Caller Oliver from Bournemouth said: "I just want to live my life as naturally as possible. I invest a lot in my health naturally, I eat really well, I exercise a couple of hours a day. I just do everything in my powers to get the best my genetics can offer.

"Just because we're so much more cognitively developed than any other species, our prime objective is still just to procreate, raise our kids as best we can and fend for themselves.

"As far as I'm concerned any years from then onwards are kind of bonus years."

He told Iain there is an "obsession" with "living as long as people can."

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Iain said this was an argument for not having any medical treatment at any point in their lives: "Presumably you'd go and see your GP if you were feeling ill? If you showed signs of having a life-threatening disease, you'd want to get treatment for that?"

"It's a very extreme view and I don't expect many of your listeners to follow," Oliver said, "at no point in my life will I ever go on any medication or life-prolonging treatment. It goes against everything I stand for as part of a species."

He told Iain he treats himself as every other animal and not more important.

Iain asked him if he'd take his dog to the vet if it was ill and Oliver told him: "I would try everything in my power to give it the best natural chance possible by fuelling it with what I can, by giving it fresh air, by giving it all the nutrition I can."

Iain branded the caller "irresponsible" after he also claimed he would not get a puppy vaccinated.