Iain Dale challenges Refugee Council Chief Executive

24 August 2021, 22:08

By Sam Sholli

This is the moment Iain Dale challenged Refugee Council Chief Executive Tim Naor Hilton.

The Refugee Council Chief Executive told LBC there are people arriving in the UK who are "fleeing very similar situations of persecution and human rights abuses...without any possible routes to safety".

He continued: "And so the people making these trips in the boats don't have any other choices."

Iain replied: "No, they do have other choices. They can stay in France."

He added: "That is a clear option. There are many countries that they will have come through before getting to Calais and yet they choose to make these dangerous journeys.

"Now I can understand some of the reasons for that. I mean a lot of people understandably want to come to this country and in a way it's a tribute to this country that they want to come here.

"But you can't sit there and say that they have no other options, because they do."