'We hope you can keep safe': Iain Dale chokes up speaking to activist hiding in Kabul

26 August 2021, 20:45

By Tim Dodd

This is the moment Iain Dale choked up after an activist hiding in Kabul told him he'd take "any opportunity" to leave his country, fearing he will be murdered by the Taliban.

It comes as a number of American and civilian casualties have been confirmed after a "complex attack" at Kabul airport but Isis is suspected to be behind it.

Moraad, not his real name, is an Afghan civil rights activist currently in hiding in Kabul.

Iain asked him: "When you see this sort of thing happening... it must heighten your fears for your own safety as well?"

Moraad replied: "Most of the people hiding here in Kabul in some of the provinces, they cannot go outside because they know they will be killed by the Taliban or other enemy groups.

"Those who work with international colleagues, nowadays they are left behind, they are not helping them.

"There is no way for us to run away from the country."

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Iain then asked a question, the response to which left him choked up: "If you could leave the country now would you?"

"If there was any opportunity imminently I would leave the country, yes", Moraad said.

"We cannot live here, you see the news..."

Moraad was then lost for words mid-sentence.

Whilst fighting back tears, Iain said: "Well all of our listeners would join me in sending you our very best wishes, we hope you can keep safe. Thank you for joining us on LBC this evening."

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