Iain Dale Condemns Threats Against Remain MPs In Vital Three-Minute Monologue

12 June 2018, 17:38 | Updated: 12 June 2018, 17:43

After hearing the shocking threats some pro-Remain MPs and their families have faced, Iain Dale issued this passionate plea for unity.

MPs have began voting on amendments put forward by the House of Lords to the government’s flagship Brexit Bill.

Conservative Anna Soubry claimed hostilities towards her pro-Remain colleagues had become so bad, one MP had to attend a public meeting with six armed undercover police officers.

She demanded threats to MPs stop, a sentiment echoed by pro-Brexit Iain Dale.

Iain Dale
Picture: LBC

In an incredibly powerful statement live on LBC, he declared: “I believe that we're doing Brexit for the right reasons, I'm confident enough in my arguments to argue my case on that but why are people stooping to these levels?

“It's happening in all sorts of debates not just on Brexit, but on other things too.

“This is not what public debate should be about.

“You can't have MPs being frightened to vote in a way that they think they shouldn’t because they're being threatened.

“Surely we can have a debate about who governs this country without resorting to these ridiculous levels, without stooping to these levels.”

He finished: “It’s not how we do it in Britain and it should never be about how we do it in Britain.”