Iain Dale grills Green Party's Caroline Lucas over Remain Alliance

14 November 2019, 20:49 | Updated: 14 November 2019, 20:50

Former Green Party leader Caroline Lucas said that she'd support Liberal Democrats in the Remain alliance - providing Jo Swinson wasn't made Prime Minister.

Iain Dale asked whether Caroline Lucas felt "done over" by the Liberal Democrats because the Green Party are standing down 51 seats andn Lib Dems are only standing down nine in this Remain alliance.

Lucas responded: "There had to be some recognition of the fact that they're the bigger party. We understood that there had to be some differential between what the parties got."

She said she also would have loved to have the Labour party round the table while negotiating this alliance as that would have been a "gamechanger."

Iain played Lucas a clip where she was having "a right old go" at the Liberal Democrats for their Revoke legislation and asked why the Green Party were going into a Remain alliance with them.

Caroline Lucas says it is really unlikely Jo Swinson will wake up as Prime Minister
Caroline Lucas says it is really unlikely Jo Swinson will wake up as Prime Minister. Picture: PA

"I don't really think that Jo Swinson is going to be Prime Minister on December 13 and that policy of Revoke, which I do passionately disagree with, only happens if the Lib Dems get a majority.

"Short of Jo Swinson being Prime Minister the position of the Lib Dems is for a People's Vote," she said, "on that issue, which I think is the far more likely area of where we're going to come together rather than the Lib Dems becoming a majority government, then we can agree."

Iain asked the former Green Party leader whether she'd vote for the Lib Dems' Revoke legislation if Jo Swinson did lead a majority.

"No I would still vote against it," Lucas said and reiterated that it was "really unlikely" they'd get a majority government.