Iain Dale Grills Conservative Chairman Over Tory Islamophobia

24 April 2019, 07:40 | Updated: 24 April 2019, 07:51

Iain Dale gave Conservative Chairman Brandon Lewis a torrid time as he grilled him over why the party has let councillors suspended over Islamophobia back into the party.

It was reported that the Tories suspended 15 councillors over comments on Islam made on social media, but that they were quietly readmitted to the party.

After a caller asked when the party were going to admit they've got a problem with Islamophobia, Iain questioned Mr Lewis on why they had let the guilty councillors back in.

Iain told him: "The suspicion is that you only react to these things when the media point them out to you."

Iain Dale grilled Brandon Lewis
Iain Dale grilled Brandon Lewis. Picture: LBC

Mr Lewis insisted: "We will deal with these situations. If we find something that is inappropriate, if we find something that's offensive or abusive, we will deal with it."

Iain then pointed out: "But then you let them in again quietly. 15 suspended councillors were suspended last month."

The Conservative chairman claimed the numbers weren't accurate, but he admitted: "We have reinstated some councillors, not 15, but some councillors who where originally, whether it was years ago or recently, been suspended for Muslim hate crime."

Iain then asked him: "Why would you want any of them back in the party? What kind of message do you think that sends out?

"It's not a good look, is it?"

It was an uncomfortable moment in the full interview - watch the whole thing below.