Iain Dale confronts Jonathan Ashworth over his comments that Labour can't win election

10 December 2019, 21:59 | Updated: 11 December 2019, 07:28

Iain Dale challenged Labour frontbencher Jonathan Ashworth on his critical comments about Jeremy Corbyn and national security which were leaked earlier today.

The Guido Fawkes political website published an audio recording of remarks made by Shadow Health Secretary Jonathan Ashworth in which he said the civil service machine would "pretty quickly move to safeguard security" if Mr Corbyn entered Number 10 after the upcoming election.

In the recording Mr Ashworth said the situation facing Labour was "abysmal" because voters "can't stand Corbyn" and think the party has "blocked Brexit".

The Shadow Health Secretary admitted it sounded "awful in the cold light of day" but he was just trying to "give [Greig] a line to shut him up on it", referring to his Tory friend activist Greig Baker who he claimed sent leaked the recording.

Iain Dale confronted Jonathan Ashworth over his comments
Iain Dale confronted Jonathan Ashworth over his comments. Picture: LBC

While Iain pushed him he maintained that he was trying to feed they Tory "nonsense", although he did admit it wasn't necessarily "banter", like he previously claimed.

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