Iain Dale Hits Himself On-Air To Prove A Point On Smacking Children

17 July 2017, 16:57

This is the moment Iain Dale was forced to demonstrate on himself the difference between a “smack” and “hit” just to prove a point on discipling chldren.

The LBC presenter found himself in a heated debate with caller Gary from Walthamstow - who argued Iain was “wrong” to be in favour of using corporal punishment on kids.

The row started over the Welsh Government’s plan to remove the legal defence for parents who discipline their children with a smack.

Iain Dale hits himself to prove a point on smacking children.
Iain Dale hits himself to prove a point on smacking children. Picture: LBC

Campaigners, however, argue thousands of parents would be criminalised if such ban was passed.

Gary argued it was impossible to “smack a child lightly”, adding the objective was to “inflict some sort of pain to get a response”.

The father-of-two suggested that a “smack” was the same as a “hit”, an argument Iain absolutely rejected.

The LBC presenter then decided to demonstrate on-air the difference between the two, just to prove his point.

At first, Iain tapped hits wrist, saying “that is smack”. He then raised his hand above his head before delivering an alright wallop to his wrist.

“That is a hit!” Iain concluded.

Watch the video above and see who you agree with.