Iain Dale: Interview With Tony Blair - Watch In Full

20 May 2019, 19:33

Tony Blair told LBC the only way to provide Brexit validity is to have a second referendum, even if it doesn't get the same turnout of the first.

During a wide ranging interview Mr Blair admitted he was asked to stay away from the EU referendum campaign.

He said people told him they didn't need him "in the mix."

The former Labour PM said that he does speak with Theresa May "from time to time."

The former Labour Prime Minister said that Brexit should not be a "half way house", and has "sympathy" for pro-Brexit MPs calling on the government to 'get on with Brexit'.

Speaking to Iain Dale, Mr Blair said: "There probably is a majority for Remain amongst the MPs, but part of the problem that the Prime Minister's had on her deal has come from the side that's support the 'Brexit at any cost' position, and it's not for stupid reasons.

Mr Blair said: "We knew the house we were leaving," talking about the Brexit referendum, "but we hadn't seen the new house we were moving to."

He also gives his reaction to politicians being "milkshaked."

"But we've got to get out of this situation where if you disagree with someone, you stop them speaking, you disrupt their meetings, you throw things over them, it's ridiculous."

Asked whether he admired Nigel Farage, Mr Blair responded: "I think he's an effective communicator, so I admire that bit of him, but I disagree with him."

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