Iain Dale: "I Think We Have An Intrinsically Racist Immigration System"

28 August 2018, 17:11

After speaking to a number of callers detailing their experience of the UK's complex immigration system, Iain declared the process "intrinsically racist."

Iain Dale opened the discussion by speaking to Tom Shelton who has been separated from his wife and child for almost year - they are currently living in the Philippines.

He told Iain that his family were refused entry to the UK because his wife hadn't provided enough evidence of her intention to return to the Philippines once her UK tourist visa expired.

Tom went on to explain that the situation was causing causing "a lot of stress" to the relationship.

The conversation resulted in a barrage of calls from people from all over the world in the same situation.

The LBC presenter surmised: "I think we have an intrinsically racist immigration system that does discriminate against people from certain countries.

"I don't know what you can do because you can never prove it - it's based on anecdotal evidence but I do think there are people from some countries who ought to be treated slightly differently."