Iain Dale Left Exasperated During Frustrating Interview On Taxing Pensioners

8 May 2018, 17:08 | Updated: 8 May 2018, 18:19

This is the frustrating interview on taxing pensioners that left an exasperated Iain Dale with his hands on his head.

A report out today suggests giving £10,000 to the young and taxing pensioners more would maintain social cohesion and better fund the NHS.

The recommendations from the Resolution Foundation would mean working pensioners pay National Insurance contributions.

Richard Murphy, a professor of political economy at City University said the idea had “no merit at all”.

“We have a desperately unfair tax system already,” he told LBC.

“The actual fact is we don’t tax wealth almost at all in the UK and we don’t tax investment income much at all.

“We are incredibly generous with capital gains and if we need to raise more money then they should be making the contributions.”

Iain Dale
Iain Dale. Picture: LBC

Although Iain vehemently rejected the idea of a £10k payout to 25-year-olds he argued there was some merit to working pensioners paying National Insurance contributions.

“Lets make the tax system fairer for all,” Iain said.

“If a 57-year-old has to pay National Insurance, why shouldn't a 67-year-old?”

But, as the interview progressed, the pair became more and more at odds with each other.

It led Iain to become so exasperated, he flew back in his chair, looked up at the ceiling and placed his hands on his head.

And you can watch it all unfold in the video at the top of this page.