Iain Dale On Sunday: Interview With David Davis - Watch Live From 11am

19 May 2019, 07:40

In the run up to the EU elections, Iain Dale is interviewing representatives from each of the main parties. This week, it's the former Brexit Secretary and Conservative MP David Davis.

With the European Parliament elections next week, Iain Dale is hosting an hour-long interview and phone-in with representatives from each of the main political parties, and this week it's David Davis from the Conservative Party.

Get involved in today's show and put your question to David Davis on 0345 60 60 973.

You can also text 84850, tweet @LBC.

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David Davis in the LBC studio
David Davis in the LBC studio. Picture: LBC

In his Sunday shows, Iain Dale has so far interviewed: Anna Soubry, Alastair Campbell, Nigel Farage, Andrew Adonis, and Jo Swinson.

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