Iain Dale Reacts In Absolute Disgust To Caller’s Theory On Terror Attacks

5 December 2017, 17:55 | Updated: 5 December 2017, 18:25

Iain Dale branded this caller “sick”, “silly” and “warped” after he suggested security services allow some terror attacks to happen to prove a point about their funding.

The LBC presenter was left seething by the remarks, made after a report revealed the Manchester Arena bombing might have been avoided if information about the attacker had been handled differently.

MI5 had Salman Abedi listed as a "subject of interest" years before he went on to kill 22 people at an Ariana Grande concert.

But an official review found fresh intelligence received at the start of this year wasn't "fully appreciated at the time”.

This led Kumar to call Iain and say: “I think there is a hidden agenda by security forces that because they’re dissatisfied with their funding levels they deliberately pick and chose when they want to allow a terrorist act to occur.”

Much to Iain’s shock, the caller continued: “Today we saw that they knew about the Manchester bomber, he was on their radar and they did nothing.”

By this point, Iain had enough as he formidably retorted the allegations.

“What kind of sick idiot would think they would let an attack happened,” he thundered.

“Particularly at a pop concert where they would know that young children would be victims.

“This is the second time today that someone has come on the radio and said something that I think is so warped and wrong that in a way I wish I cut you off before you even said it.

“Kumar, really have a think about yourself, look yourself in the mirror mate because that is a very, very silly thing, not just silly, but warped thing to have said.”