Iain Dale Shuts Down Brexiteer Who Keeps Making Hitler References

15 November 2018, 13:16

When a furious Brexit supporter kept making Hitler references as he railed against Theresa May’s EU withdrawal deal Iain Dale eventually had enough.

Danny described the Prime Minister’s plan for Brexit as “the biggest capitulation since late ’38 when Chamberlain capitulated to Hitler”.

“Hitler would have been proud of Mrs May,” the caller added.

Iain told Danny he was “talking absolute rubbish” - but the caller was undeterred.

Iain Dale shut down the caller who kept making Hitler references
Iain Dale shut down the caller who kept making Hitler references. Picture: LBC

“The British public did not sign up to this,” Danny continued. “We voted to leave the EU, the biggest dictatorship.

“They are enslaving us to the EU.

"We’ve paid god knows how many billions in the last 45 years to them and we are now in the position where frankly our forefathers, my father and grandfather, must be turning in their graves because we fought a war to keep people like this out of here from dictating to us.

“And yet, they have achieved, the EU has achieved what Hitler could never have done”.

At this point, Iain had enough, retorting: “Give me strength, I can’t stand it any longer.”

Theresa May's premiership is hanging by the thread
Theresa May's premiership is hanging by the thread. Picture: PA

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister’s premiership hangs in the balance after spending over two hours facing MPs in the Commons.

It’s already prompted the resignation of two Cabinet ministers.

Dominic Raab was in charge of Withdrawal negotiations, and the Work and Pensions Secretary Esther McVey.