Iain Dale shuts down caller who argues that we live in a 'dictatorship'

10 November 2019, 16:59

Iain Dale said that a lot of listeners would think the caller was an idiot for saying that we live in a dictatorship.

The caller, Keith, called Supreme Court judges 'biased'.

Iain Dale challenged him on this and put it to him that he might only think that because he disagrees with their decision.

Keith said: "75 per cent of MPs in Parliament are Remainers, Gina Miller is a Remainer and I think that the Supreme Court judges are because they have override the parliament statutes saying that the judges cannot get involved with politics. That has turned, all those three entities, have turned Parliament into a dictatorship and that's a very dangerous thing to do."

He then went on to say that Gina Miller's tactical voting website is "an extension of this possible dictatorship trying to pervert, removing the Conservatives."

Iain responded: "I mean, just just listen to yourself. When you use words like dictatorship, everybody's listening, thinking 'what an idiot'."

Iain Dale shuts down caller who argues that we live in a 'dictatorship'
Iain Dale shuts down caller who argues that we live in a 'dictatorship'. Picture: LBC

Iain continued: "We don't have a dictatorship in this country. Just because Supreme Court judges made the decision that you don't like, just because Parliament, elected people have made a decision you don't like, that does not mean we have a dictatorship."

After a little more toing and froing on this topic, Iain Dale said: "Keith, on my shirt here, I've got a poppy. I wear this poppy because we were fighting against dictatorship in WW2 and hundreds of thousands of people lost their lives to enable us to live in a democracy and for you, for you to allege that we now live in a dictatorship."

Iain put it to him that we wouldn't be having a December election if we were heading towards a dictatorship.

The caller agreed with this point.

He conceded that he "put too much emphasis on the word".