Iain Dale Takes Aim At Political Cowardice In This Angry Rant

1 May 2018, 18:05 | Updated: 1 May 2018, 18:12

Iain Dale took aim at politicians who are "presenting they accept Brexit" but are "doing everything in their power to make sure it doesn't happen".

Speaking on his LBC show, Iain Dale said he had no problem with politicians in either house who defend their view their opinion that Brexit is a bad idea.

"But that's what is not what is happening here" he said.

"You've got a group of peers in the House of Lords who are pretending that they accept Brexit is going to happen, but are doing everything in their power to make sure it doesn't happen.

"If you have an honest position, at least be honest and come and out and say what that position is.

"Don't hide behind amendments that are making David Davis' job that much harder in his negotiations.

"That is political cowardice, and I think the British people can spot that cowardice a mile away."

Iain Dale calls MPs hiding behind amendments "political cowards"
Iain Dale calls MPs hiding behind amendments "political cowards". Picture: LBC

Theresa May said today that the government will be "robust" in its response to a defeat in the House of Lords which potentially gives Parliament a decisive say on the outcome of Brexit.

While some ministers have accused peers of trying to "thwart the will of the people", Downing Street said that "we wish for the [Brexit] bill to go through [the House of Lords] in the same way it left the Commons."

But Jeremy Corbyn opposed the government's response, saying that parliament "must be sovereign on this matter and make the final decision."

This is the latest government defeat on the Brexit bill, binging the total number of defeats to nine.