Iain Dale: Trump Could Be An Opportunity For UK

9 November 2016, 17:59 | Updated: 9 November 2016, 18:13

'Donald Trump could be an opportunity for Britain as well as a threat' Iain Dale strikes a note of caution about post election hysteria.

Iain says that we need then down the outpouring of fury at the election of Trump as it could prove a good run for post-Brexit Britain.

"You see I think there are grounds for optimism here. If you've been listening to the program over the last six months you'll know that I'm not exactly he found of Donald Trump quite the reverse."

"And if I'd had a vote. I would probably have voted for Hillary Clinton make no bones about that. However there's no point in everybody saying oh isn't it terrible, that Margaret Beckett saying oh it's horrific, I'm terrified and all the rest because what you do then it's a bit like Brexit. You talk yourself into a decline and I think there are reasons for Britain to be optimistic."

"I might not say the same if I was an American voter but I do think there are reasons for Britain to be optimistic here. How should we in this country react to the election of Donald Trump beyond what yelling about how terrible it is surely it's an opportunity as well as a threat."