Iain Dale Shows Up The "Ignorance" Of Comparing Trump To Hitler

11 November 2016, 18:17 | Updated: 11 November 2016, 18:50

"Go read some history books!" For months people have been comparing Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler, something that really makes Iain furious.

Comparison between the US President-elect and the German leader in World War II, who murdered millions of people, have been rife in the past week as the world responded to his shock election.

It's a comparison that Iain Dale says is downright ignorant.

"Isn't it interesting that we have so many people who seem to think it's appropriate to compare Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler?

"Yet those same people have never compared Putin to Adolf Hitler, where there is a much more direct comparison, where we've seen him authorising bombings of innocent women and children in Aleppo. Donald Trump doesn't want to do that.

"I think it is ignorant for anyone to make that comparison. Hitler killed 6m Jews, homosexuals, gypsies - he was a tyrant to his own people. Are we seriously trying to say that Donald Trump is anywhere near Hitler?"

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A fired-up Iain continued: "If you are saying that, you are showing your own ignorance. Frankly you should go and read a few history books. Because it is so far from the truth."

"Yes, some of Trump's speeches have been hate-fuelled. Yes, I don't like them either. I think he's gone far too over the top in his rhetoric. But talking of rhetoric, think of the rhetoric that Hitler used in some of his more messianic speeches.

"Are you seriously trying to tell me that Donald Trump is anywhere near that? I think you're losing it if you are.

"Exaggerating to make a point doesn't help political debate - does it?"