Iain Dale Lists Why Britain SHOULD Pay A Brexit Divorce Bill

7 August 2017, 17:30

Although he is a vocal Brexiteer, Iain Dale has listed the exact reasons why Britain should pay a so-called divorce bill to leave the European Union.

It was reported over the weekend that Britain would pay €40bn (£36bn) to exit the EU, although a senior Government source has denied the claim.

The figure has angered Conservative eurosceptics, who insisted that the UK should not pay any money to leave the bloc.

Iain Dale
Picture: LBC

Speaking to LBC, John Redwood MP described the report as “completely ridiculous”, while Jacob Rees-Mogg tweeted that there was "no logic to this figure, legally we owe nothing".

However, on his return to LBC, Iain said although Britain had no legal obligation to pay any money, he thought Britain should stump up some cash - here’s why.

“If we make this gesture now, isn’t that going to help us get a good trade deal with the EU?”

He added: “We are not in the strongest negotiating position partly because of the election result.

“So I think there is going to have to be some sort of compromise along the way - that’s not me giving in because in an ideal world I’d love not to have to pay anything.

“But I think realism will dictate that there will be some sort of compromise.”

Watch Iain’s take in full above.