Iain Dale's Heated Row With "Hypocritical" Labour MP

21 May 2019, 20:53

Iain Dale wanted to know why a "hypocritical" Labour MP didn't want LGBT equality to be taught to children.

Protesters demonstrating against the teaching of LGBT equality lessons at a primary school have vowed to continue action despite calls for a halt from a chief constable.

Demonstrators have claimed the Anderton Park Primary school is using "children as pawns" by teaching LGBT equality in lessons which are "over-emphasising a gay ethos."

Local MP Roger Godsiff, who has come out against the lessons, spoke with LBC on the issue.

Iain Dale said: "You are pandering to religious beliefs," adding that the Labour MP was just after votes from parents.

Mr Godsiff said that Iain was "entitled to make that assumption."

The LBC presenter hit back by saying "you're a Labour MP who doesn't seem to want equality to be taught."

Iain said that Mr Godsiff was the "sort of MP" who, in the 1980s would have supported "section 28," referencing  the controversial amendment to the Local Government Act which banned local authorities and schools from “promoting” homosexuality.

Iain Dale hit out at the MP over his stance on LGBT equality lessons.
Iain Dale hit out at the MP over his stance on LGBT equality lessons. Picture: PA/LBC

The Labour MP said he voted for the Equalities Act, and that he voted for the Children Act as well as recent legislation relating to "relationship education." He said it was not a "question of content."

"No, it's a question of hypocrisy," Iain said, "you have voted for all of this legislation but you don't support it being enacted."

"I do believe it should be taught," the MP said. Adding that he did not believe the material was appropriate for primary school-aged pupils.

Iain Dale asked the politician if teachers were a better judge of what subjects are age appropriate than an "MP who is purely after Muslim votes?"

Teachers are entitled to have an opinion, but so are parents Mr Godsiff said.

When Iain asked why a Labour MP would have a problem with children being taught equality, Mr Godsiff said that one of the books being taught in the school was called 'My Chacha Is Gay,' which had shocked a "lot of parents," according to the MP.

My Chacha Is Gay is a book about a Pakistani boy and his gay uncle, designed to tackle the subject of homophobia in Muslim society.

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